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Enhance engagement and consultation efficiency between practitioner and patient.

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Safe and Secure

All communication and records are encrypted and saved on secure, Australian-based facilities.

Simple and Convenient

ConnectMe can be accessed from any web browser and is also available as a mobile app.

Patient Diary

Practitioners can get accurate and real-time updates on their patient’s progress between sessions. Replacing paper based records and homework increases compliance and recording of behaviour improves patient personal insight.

Diary for Patients

Text-Based Messages

Practitioners can reduce medico-legal risk by replacing unsecured email and SMS with ConnectMe. Send and receive messages, files or images from patients securely.

Messaging between Patients and Practitioners
Schedule Reminders to your Patients

Schedule Reminders

Keeping patients engaged and compliant outside of face-to-face sessions can be challenging. With ConnectMe, the practitioner can schedule reminders for their patients; from simple daily tasks to specific treatment instructions. Reminders can be scheduled and automated for future dates.

Secure video conferencing

One-to-one video calling from web browser, tablet or mobile phone app. Follow up with patients or schedule convenient consultations for those who live out of area.

Secure video conferencing