HealthShare Fact Sheets

A content tool that helps improve patient outcomes through information therapy.

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Integrated into the GP's clinical software and available online. Fact Sheets puts content in the hands of the patient.

Improve Patient Understanding and Satisfaction

A recent HealthShare clinical audit showed that when a patient is provided health information by their GP, it improves their understanding 37% and satisfaction 81%.

Easily Accessible and Timely Information

Factsheets are automatically triggered by entering a reason for visit or via prescribing a medication within the GP clinical software. Integrated into over 80% of GP clinical software, your content is easily accessible to a GP or searching patient. This information can be printed or emailed to the patient during the consultation.

Reach a Health-Conscious Audience

HealthShare has an engaged health audience of over 450,000 a month searching for health content. Our unique search tool puts facts sheets front and center when patients are searching for a health condition.

These fact sheets are also displayed alongside matching condition Q&A pages and health community pages.