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Greater awareness and reach with GPs and Patients

Health technology integrated at the point of care

HealthShare helps Government and Not-for-Profit organisations achieve success by using digital health technology and available data to seamlessly connect and engage patients with healthcare professionals, championing engagement and understanding.

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Solutions for Government & Not-for-Profit


A pre-consultation questionnaire that patients fill out before arriving at the clinic. Doctors can review each patient’s symptoms, medications and agenda ahead of time.

Benefits for Government and Not-for-Profit

Key Insights

Mapping real world customer journeys within general practice

Enhanced GP Understanding

Workflow inclusions to enhance GP awareness and understanding

Health Campaign Advertising

Targeted campaigns mobilising patients to take action on their health

Lower Cost to Reach Target Patient Cohorts

Lower cost to directly reach target cohort of sufferers when compared with periodic rep/GP interactions

Cost Effective Access to GPs at Scale

Expand your customer reach and ensure the ‘right’ message is linked to GPs treating ‘your’ patients

Consumer Advertising and Awareness

With a large health interested consumer audience, is ideally placed to educate consumers, facilitate customer health education and support customer acquisition.

Premium Advertising

Advertise Banner Ads and MRECs across relevant profiles e.g. GPs, Specialists and related Content Pages.

  • Over 850,000 unique health interested consumers each month
  • Over 150,000 self-referrals each month
  • Over 150+ health topics
  • >3,000,000 ad impressions a month
  • Targeted Call to Action (CTA) based on customer search characteristics
  • Proven success across lead gen and consumer awareness campaigns

Benefits to the Consumer

  • Receive targeted information as they are organically navigating through the website
  • Link to a direct call-to-action gaining access to valuable resources such as FactSheets, Videos, product pages, relevant support materials etc.

Benefits to Government and Not-for-Profit

  • Opportunity to leverage our large health conscious audience and redirect organic traffic
  • Drive consumers to digital platforms or resources


Your FactSheets are available to 
over 50% of Australian GPs through their clinical software. In addition to 850,000 patients per month via

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& Not-for-Profit

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