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The pandemic has shifted the way in which pharmaceutical sales reps connect with healthcare practitioners. The use of online connections has now become the norm. HealthShare’s digital solutions help bridge the gap between pharma, the healthcare practitioner and the patient.

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Solutions for Pharmaceutical


A pre-consultation questionnaire that patients fill out before arriving at the clinic. Doctors can review each patient’s symptoms, medications and agenda ahead of time.

Benefits to Doctors

  • Awareness of patient’s agenda in advance for better control of the consultation
  • Less time spent on documentation
  • Can determine which patients are too high risk for their in-person appointment

Benefits to Patients

  • More time to think through symptoms to be better prepared for the consultation
  • Enhanced interaction between patient and their healthcare professional

Benefits to Pharma

  • Opportunity to ask patients targeted questions that uncover potential health risks
  • Early identification of sub optimal treatment resulting in better patient outcomes
  • Efficient and targeted delivery of relevant materials to GPs at the point of care


Your FactSheets are available to
over 50% of Australian GPs through their clinical software. In addition to 850,000 patients per month via

Benefits to Doctors

  • Stay informed on patient symptoms and conditions
  • Gain insight into new treatments, their MOA, how it benefits their patient cohort and guidance on how to prescribe OR refer
  • Enhanced ability to navigate clinical software and gain access to valuable resources at the point of care
  • GPs can self-accredit CPD points for reading your fact sheets

Benefits to Patients

  • Have the confidence that their GP has access to the best treatment & referral
    pathway for their health needs
  • Access to resources that support their discussion with the GP

Benefits to Pharma

  • Provide doctors with access to up-to-date information on new therapy areas, clinical data, medication & device support and updates; PBS updates, clinical guidelines, product use, patient support programs
  • Support patient outcomes and manage patient expectations

Consumer Advertising and Awareness

With a large health interested consumer audience, is ideally placed to educate consumers, facilitate customer health education and support customer acquisition.

Premium Advertising

Advertise Banner Ads and MRECs across relevant profiles e.g. GPs, Specialists and related Content Pages.

  • Over 850,000 unique health interested consumers each month
  • Over 150,000 self-referrals each month
  • Over 150+ health topics
  • >3,000,000 ad impressions a month
  • Targeted Call to Action (CTA) based on customer search characteristics
  • Proven success across lead gen and consumer awareness campaigns

Benefits to the Consumer

  • Receive targeted information as they are organically navigating through the website
  • Link to a direct call-to-action gaining access to valuable resources such as FactSheets, Videos, product pages, relevant
    support materials etc.

Benefits to Pharma

  • Opportunity to leverage our large health conscious audience and redirect organic traffic
  • Drive consumers to digital platforms or resources

Sponsored Communities Exclusive Category Sponsorship

Exclusive sponsorship on

  • Over 850,000 unique visitors each month to
  • 10% of visitors are GPs
  • 30% of visitors have been referred by their doctor
  • Target your direct-to-consumer campaigns to the most relevant segments of our audience
  • Mobilise ‘at-risk’ patients to seek treatment, self-refer & purchase available products
  • Drive patients to book an appointment with ‘Special Interest’ clinicians e.g. Connect-to-Cure Specialists or General Practitioners
  • Feature thought-leadership led Q&A to address commonly asked questions and provide consumers with credible information.
  • Provide evidence-based information and relevant materials to inform and educate customers e.g. Videos, support materials, FactSheets, quizzes etc.

Case Study

Dermatology – Hidradenitis Supportive (HS)

The Challenge

To raise awareness of the condition amongst consumers and drive a call-to-action to have the consumer self-refer to a Dermatologist with a Special interest in HS management.

The Results: Over a 6-month campaign period, HealthShare generated:

Impressions to the HS consumer ads
Profile views of Dermatologists who special interest in HS
Appointments to Dermatologists who
have a special interest
in HS [phone clicks]

Find out more about Pharmaceutical Solutions

By entering your details you agree to being contacted by HealthShare.