More control. Less admin.

Your time-saving pre-consultation tool

  • Control the consultation Know “the list” in advance so you can better control the consultation.
  • Help patients prepare Encourage patients to think through their visit prior to the consultation.
  • Reduce admin Spend less time documenting patient notes.
  • Set the right expectations Make it clear to patients that you may not be able to address all of their concerns in one consult.

Step by step

  1. Your patient books an appointment with you through your existing booking process.
  2. Your patient is sent a secure link to a structured pre-consultation questionnaire.
  3. You receive a concise medical summary, prior to seeing your patient.

Review your patient’s agenda before the consultation

BetterConsult is a time saving pre-consultation tool that captures your patients’ symptoms, medication and other relevant clinical information. It then translates the data into concise medical notes, ready for review before the consultation.

Security by design

BetterConsult includes no third-party tracking software and all personally identifiable information is securely encrypted – in transmission and in storage.

I am sure all doctors have had the ‘near miss’, where we have asked for clarification regarding a symptom, only to reveal something with great importance which had almost been missed…

[BetterConsult] helps to reduce this likelihood. It also frees up time so that concerning symptoms can be fully explored, and less concerning symptoms can be triaged. Perhaps for another day.

Dr Tamsin Franklin
General Practitioner

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