Greater condition awareness

Tailor-made ad campaigns on that raise condition, diagnosis and treatment awareness, across a vast audience.  

Hyper-targeted reach on

Engage with our vast network of health-conscious people and healthcare professionals.

You can serve your content to people who are on our site, interacting on health forums, reading from 370+ health topics, or searching for a Doctor. We will target the most relevant segments of our audience and drive awareness when they are in the right mindset to absorb your message.

  • 12,000,000+

    Annual page views

  • 800,000+

    Unique users per month

  • 370+

    Targeted health topics

Optimised ads for maximum impact

Supply your own ads or collaborate with our Creative team to have them produced from scratch. Our combination of insight and expertise allows us to generate, monitor, and optimise ads for your campaigns for maximum impact. This is achieved through targeted MREC and leaderboard advertising on relevant health topic pages, or run-of-site. You’ll be able to track your progress from your own dashboard.

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