Healthcare Providers increasingly leverage digital capability

Healthcare Providers increasingly leverage digital capability

Of all Australian Google searches, a phenomenal one in 20 are health-related. However, only 6% of the population recorded they were able to find an online health source they trust. Of note, online engagement is no longer purely the domain of self-motivated healthcare consumers; with healthcare providers proactively seeking online information and engaging with digital platforms. This trend was borne out in a recent survey conducted by HealthShare. HealthShare’s digital platform connects health stakeholders, delivering impartial, validated information when, where, and how people want to receive it. Our website,, receives approximately half a million unique visitors each month. A recent survey of over 800 visitors to this website found more than 25% of visitors were healthcare professionals with general practice comprising 10% of all users.

Healthcare providers are also leveraging digital platforms to enhance their patients’ experience. Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy notes that 77% of Australians would like their doctor to suggest health information websites. This is consistent with our research, which indicates that one in three visitors to heard about the website via their doctor.

This trend towards a more digitally engaged audience (consumers and providers) will no doubt continue as new technologies are adopted and the health ecosystem evolves. Our increasing general practice audience, which has grown to almost 24,000 through increased awareness and software integrations, supports this notion.

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