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An extensive directory of healthcare professionals

Find the best healthcare professional for your patients with’s directory.

Powered by our intuitive algorithm, enables you to search by name, location and specialty, and unlocks a range of highly relevant healthcare professional profiles. Each profile outlines key information, enabling you to make more informed health decisions for your patients. The directory is also integrated with Best Practice and MedicalDirector via our Referrals tool.

Out-of-pocket cost information

Welcome to greater transparency about healthcare costs, with the health fund filter.

This feature is the first of its kind in Australia – the ability to access out-of-pocket cost data for healthcare professionals. By selecting your patient’s health insurance provider, you can view projected cost information that is based on how often a healthcare provider participates in gap schemes.

Concise and verified healthcare information sheets

Access our collection of helpful fact sheets, covering conditions, treatments, and health products.

Our fact sheets are provided and used by leading healthcare professionals and organisations. Enhance your consultations by using our fact sheets to increase your patients’ understanding of medical conditions. Fact sheets featured on are also integrated with Best Practice and MedicalDirector via our FactSheets tool.

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