HealthShare places in Top 20 Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow

HealthShare places in Top 20 Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow

Press Release — April, 2017.

HealthShare today announced that it placed in the Top 20 businesses in the Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow.

For its 200th anniversary, Westpac is supporting a new era of Australian business by recognising and backing the businesses that are shaping Australia’s future. The businesses in this Top 20 list have demonstrated a clear vision to shape Australia’s economy as it transitions to a services and knowledge-based economy.

The 200 businesses were independently assessed by Deloitte and chosen by a high profile judging panel including: Alison Deans, Director: Westpac, Cochlear, IAG, kikki K; Prof. Chris Styles, Dean, UNSW Business School; David Lindberg, Chief Executive, Westpac Business Bank; Eric Johnston, Editor, Australian Business Review; Lyn Cobley, Chief Executive, Westpac Institutional Bank; Pip Marlow, former Managing Director, Microsoft; and Simon Cant, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Reinventure Group.

HealthShare, Australia’s leading digital health platform which is visited by half a million Australians each month, was founded in 2010 when its founders struggled to find straightforward, trustworthy online information to help their family members address serious health issues. Since then, the company has developed multiple products, becoming a go-to digital health platform which allows patients to easily connect with health practitioners and find information on health issues.

General Practitioners, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals also use the digital infrastructure to improve their practices’ efficiency, as well as retrieve relevant health information for patients, and demonstrate thought leadership by answering patient queries on HealthShare’s Q&A platform.

HealthShare’s Specialist service, SpecialistNow by HealthShare, assists patients in making fast-tracked appointments with qualified Australian Specialists, and has already assisted thousands of Australians across the country in finding a fast-tracked appointment with a Specialist.

Rami Weiss, HealthShare CEO, commented: “We’re very proud to be recognised in Westpac’s top 20 businesses. We’ll continue to innovate and deliver digital solutions that solve real problems across the healthcare ecosystem.”

He added that: “Our website,, now receives approximately 500,000 unique visitors every month from Australian patients seeking reputable health information. We also have thousands of healthcare practitioners using our products that are integrated with their workflow tools. We have experienced an impressive increase in the delivery of timely, credible information to patients and health professionals, as well as increased access to treatment, which has led to better health outcomes for patients.”

“We’ve been presented with a growing number of opportunities to innovate various areas of health, since HealthShare’s inception, so we have essentially become a “one stop shop” for consumer and practitioner digital health. We’re always evolving our platform and progressing innovations that will allow us to have the greatest impact on improving patient health outcomes.”

David Lindberg, judge and Chief Executive, Westpac Business Bank, said: “HealthShare is a great example of a business that has found a way to empower customers to make more informed choices about healthcare. The company’s core strength is its innovation and creativity, and the way it rolls out its digital solutions to motivate others to save lives and reduce healthcare costs. HealthShare is a well deserving winner of the Business of Tomorrow program, providing outstanding value to its customers and offering a solution to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

Simon Cant, Co-Founder & MD Reinventure Group, said: “What the top businesses had in common was this unique insight into a problem or opportunity that someone wasn’t solving or wasn’t solving in a way that was getting to the nub of what consumers were looking for.”