BetterConsult COVID-19 Vaccination Roll Out

BetterConsult COVID-19 Vaccination Roll Out

With Phase 1B of the COVID-19 vaccination program underway, GP practices across the country are looking for automated, cost-free solutions to make the process as efficient as possible.

How does BetterConsult streamline COVID-19 vaccinations?

BetterConsult asks patients about:

  • Relevant risk factors (allergies, pregnancy status etc)
  • Previous vaccinations
  • Prior COVID-19 infection status
  • Consent to receive the vaccination

Screening questions are based on the Department of Health’s suggested guidelines. The answers captured through BetterConsult are then provided in a concise medical summary integrated with Best Practice and ready to be pasted into the patient notes.

How is BetterConsult different from the national online booking system?

BetterConsult does not replace the national online booking system or any existing booking system. Instead, BetterConsult is an additional tool that can manage the patient pre-consultation screening workflow regardless of whether a patient books via phone, in-person or online.

How to access BetterConsult for COVID-19 vaccination roll out?

BetterConsult can be activated within 24 hours and is available at no cost to Bp Premier customers.

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