Easing of elective surgery restrictions sees 126% increase in PHI filter selection by GPs and Patients

Easing of elective surgery restrictions sees 126% increase in PHI filter selection by GPs and Patients

With the initial easing of elective surgery restrictions and so many Australians being financially impacted since the introduction of COVID-19 measures, as much as ever, now is the time for private health insurers to support members to minimise their out-of-pocket costs.

On 21 April, the Prime Minister announced that category 2 and some important category 3 procedures could recommence across the public and private hospital sectors from 27 April.

Since the announcement we’ve seen an incredible 126% increase in average daily PHI filter selections across the HealthShare platform by GPs and patients compared to April figures up to that point – a new record for average daily PHI filter selections and eclipsing the February benchmark by 35%.

In addition to the backlog of accumulating elective surgery demand, HealthShare data indicates health fund members whose procedures were put on hold to secure vital hospital resources against the threat of COVID-19, are now actively researching specialist options.

This is represented in the graph below. With the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19 being so dynamic in nature, we have shared a more granular analysis of average daily PHI-filter selection from the introduction of COVID-19 measures up until 30 April.

With further easing of elective surgery restrictions anticipated shortly, now is an opportune time to communicate with members and reinforce how they can leverage the benefits of their health cover and minimise their out-of-pocket costs for hospital treatment.

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