HealthShare introduces ‘Featured Specialists’ to network of 4,500+ GPs

HealthShare introduces ‘Featured Specialists’ to network of 4,500+ GPs

Next month, HealthShare will introduce a monthly series of ‘Featured Specialist’ pieces inside our GP email newsletters. Circulated to a 4,500+ strong network of GPs, each section will showcase significant information for the featured Specialist, such as special interest areas, practice locations, and wait times.

HealthShare Chief Marketing Officer Carly Shamgar described the initiative as being highly valuable for GPs and for Specialists, “Both GPs and Specialists are focused on providing best in class patient care, and HealthShare’s suite of tools are centred around making that happen. Featuring stand-out Specialists is a natural next step. This will help GPs become aware of new Specialist partners and connect primary care with referral partners. We see it as a great way to facilitate new health-relationships.”

HealthShare’s ‘Featured Specialists’ segment will launch in September 2018.

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