Interview: What GPs look for in Specialist Directories

Interview: What GPs look for in Specialist Directories

HealthShare’s Specialist Referrals Directory is integrated into GP software Best Practice and MedicalDirector. Together, these represent a ~90% share of the Australian GP market. We sat down with Arun Mathai, GP Engagement Lead at HealthShare to discuss what GPs value most about Specialist Directories within their clinical software.

Arun, you work with GPs every day – tell us a little about your role?

As a GP Engagement Representative, I work with GPs every day to help bring them up to speed with free tools within their clinical software. These include a comprehensive fact sheet/patient education database, and a directory that includes the details of every private practicing Specialist in Australia. GPs can search for Specialists using a number of filters and can write referral letters directly within their software.

What do you think GPs value most about the Specialist Referrals Directory?

Without a doubt the ability for GPs to search for a Specialist via location is really welcomed. We speak to GPs every day who are looking to make a referral for patients outside of area, so this is very helpful. GPs are also able to browse and compare special interest areas, hospital affiliations and health insurance gap participation, so this helps them make a great referral decision with their patients. HealthShare also keeps the directory up to date for them, so if a Specialist moves practices, updates contact details or adds additional hospital affiliations, this information is updated across the board for all GPs to see.

How is the referral process improved for GPs?

In MedicalDirector, referral letters are automatically populated with Specialist details, with the click of a button. This saves a lot of time in admin for GPs and is appreciated, especially when they have a busy waiting room! In Best Practice, the software has an easy ‘copy/paste’ feature to help save GPs time and keep formatting to a minimum. The software also has an easy-call function so if a GP needs to ring the Specialist practice to clarify any details, contact details are really accessible and easy to find.

How close is your relationship with the GPs you work with?

We keep in touch with all our GP contacts multiple times a year. Clinics reach out as they welcome new staff to make sure new GPs have access to our tools, and we always aim to keep an open feedback loop on the quality of data, feature releases and directory improvements. Many of our best features have been developed based on feedback from GPs, so it’s really important to us to keep an open dialogue about how to continue to provide this value ongoing.